FSW #4: Dumbbell Dominance

Dumbbell Dominance is a full-body dumbbell workout that can be done in your home or anywhere you have space. The routine is done on your knees to activate your glutes and core muscles. 

This workout consists of:

  • 5 Exercises
  • 30 seconds each
  • 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise
  • 3 Rounds

Equipment Needed:

  • One moderate to heavy dumbbell
  • Two light dumbbells


Workout Breakdown


Exercise #1: Kneeling Squats (Heavy Dumbbells)

Exercise #2: Shoulder Press (Moderately Heavy Dumbbells)

Exercise #3: Squat to Press (Moderately Heavy Dumbbells)

Exercise #4: Forward Raise (Light Dumbbells)

Exercise #5: Lateral Raises (Light Dumbbells)


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