Clubber Lang vs Ivan Drago: Who Would Win?

Drago finds Clubber and challenges him to a fight. He destroys the guy and then calls out Drago to prove he is the best by beating the man who killed Creed and retired Rocky. Of course, Clubber will never back down, so he says yes and the fight between Drago and Clubber is set. With no title on the line and Drago not being proven each fighter has to take a tune up fight to get the media attention the fight deserves. Clubber calls out the interim champ, and since Rocky and Rocky only beat him was now gone the media runs with it to sell the fight. The press eats it up, and the fight is set.

Now that the fight is set. Who would win between Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago?

Let's break this down into three categories.

  • Physically Better
  • Who is Mentally Better
  • And who is more skilled?

Drago is a 6'5 engineered fighter from Russia who was pumped full of steroids and trained by Russia's best trainers.

Clubber Lang is a tough guy from Chicago with hood strength and a CT Fletcher-type work ethic.

At 6'5, the reach advantage for Drago would be a challenging obstacle to get around, and his power would not have diminished much even though he won't have access to the high-quality steroid cocktails he had in Russia.

Clubber is more muscular; if he can get close to Drago, he can break his body down easily.

Drago was much stronger than Rocky and Apollo, so it will be tall order to overpower him. The physical advantage would go to Drago.

Mentally Clubber is a maniac, and his anger can fuel him enough to get through the first few rounds. Drago doesn't know how to lose and starts to crumble when he gets hurt. If Clubber hurts him, he can get the upper hand. Drago was exiled from Russia so he wouldn't be fighting on his home turf, which helped him with Creed, but when his country turned on him, it cost him, Rocky.

I'll give the mental edge to Clubber.

Last is ability. Clubber is a Slugger. He doesn't seem to have any strategy except beat people down for the win. Drago had some skills but suffered from the same downfall of being bigger and stronger than everyone, so he didn't need to develop his craft. When he fought Creed, Creed outboxed him but was overpowered in the end. Rocky 3 Clubber showed he could analyze fighters by breaking down Rocky's style before the fight. He didn't anticipate Rocky switching it up. I'm sure Clubber would have seen the Creed vs. Drago and Drago vs. Rocky fight and analyzed Drago enough to find holes in his defense.

This bit of knowledge may give him the edge.

It's a draw for ability.

Let's now go to the fight. The fight would start with Clubber coming out fast and pressuring Drago with shots. He will overwhelm him but not hurt him. Drago will withstand the storm and come back firing in round 2. Round 3 is a slugfest with both fighters taking damage.

This round is a tie. Round 4 goes to Clubber because he can finally hurt Drago.

Round 5 goes to Drago because Clubber starts to get tired. 

Round 6 is the limit for both fighters.

Put in the comments who you think wins?