Apollo Creed vs Clubber Lang: Who Would've Won?

Who would've won a fight between Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang? If you are a fan of the Rocky Movies like I am, you would've wanted to see this fight happen, and I know it would have been a classic.

The problem is that it never did, and now with Creed 3 on the horizon, the only chance we may get to see these two boxing movie icons clash is via their sons in a Creed Trilogy.

Who would have won the fight between Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang? Let's remove Rocky IV from our memory and say that Rocky fights Clubber a third time. Rocky gets beat and retires, and Clubber calls out Apollo Creed. That fight would have been similar to Ali vs. Frasier.

Let's break down the fighters based on strengths and weaknesses.

Apollo Creeds Strengths: Speed & Agility Head movement (he's tough to hit) He's taller with a little more reach. Experience (he's older than Clubber)

Apollo Creeds Weaknesses: Susceptible to body damage (Rocky killed him inside.)

Showboats too much He can become prideful when he is losing (which eventually got him killed in the ring.)

Clubber Lang's Strengths: Power & Speed Strong Chin (he's hard to knock down) Offensive Footwork (he can cut off the ring and set up big shots.)

Clubber Lang's Weaknesses: Stamina Emotional (he lets people get in his head.) Now breaking down the stats, Clubber has fewer weaknesses but fewer weapons as well. Both fighters fight off emotion, which can lead to an early slugfest, resulting in a first or second-round knockout for either one of them.

If it goes the distance Apollo will win on points, but it's a slim chance the fight would go the distance with Clubbers history of finishing opponents early. Neither one will take a loss well, so this matchup will go at least three fights, with the last one being the end of both of their careers.