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 FSW Virtual Fitness Classes are 30 minute intense cardio and strength routines. All the classes require limited equipment and can be done at home or in a gym. The goal of these classes is to ensure that we are getting in shape no matter where we are.  

Class Schedule

(Subject to change)
Free Classes Available Monday & Wednesdays at 8am



    The workouts used in the virtual routines are strenuous and can lead to physical injury. Use caution when performing any of the exercises conducted in these classes. Consult your physician to ensure that these workout programs are safe for you prior to participating. By signing up for this class you are agreeing that Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness & Glenn Payne Jr. are not responsible for any injuries that are a result of participating in any of the workout classes.

    Class Rules:

    1. All classes are 30 minutes (except for Spartan Race Prep.)
    2. The class will close 10 minutes in so be on time.
    3. Be respectful in the chat. Any disrespectful comments or slurs towards the instructor or attendees will result in removal from the class.
    4. Everyone will be muted until class is over. Written chat will be available.
    5. Q & A sessions will be held for 10 minutes after class.
    6. If a class is not scheduled it will not be held.
    7. Class suggestions can be emailed to: glennpayne@fasterstrongerwiser.com
    8. Class replay will be provided the following week for each class.

    Class Replays