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Glenn Payne Jr. (Owner and Creator of Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness)

Glenn Payne Jr.

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I was born in Washington D.C to Catherine Payne and Glenn Payne Sr. After my Father passed in 1987 my mother moved me to Pasadena, California to live with my grandmother. I was always an athletic child, and this natural athleticism led me to take on gymnastics, ballet and tap dancing early. As I grew older I took to karate and boxing. My goal in life was to become a ninja. I looked up to fictional characters such as the Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers and decided that being that type of warrior athlete was what I wanted to do as a career. As I grew older, I realized that I was not so much fascinated with the title of being a ninja, or the combat. I was fascinated with the training. The way these warriors trained was beyond what was classified as normal. The intensity, and dedication of their routines motivated me to push my workouts to higher limits. This influence led me to take up karate and eventually boxing. I did well at these sports, but I eventually turned my attention to a more popular sport at the time which was basketball. This was the Michael Jordan era. As I entered middle school, the movie Space Jam was released. That movie alone with all the Michael Jordan documentaries set me on a war path to get to the NBA. I saw how basketball players moved on the court, jump through the air, and even the rhythm of ball handling made we want to be a basketball player. My athleticism led me to an ok high school and college career and it even landed me a spot on a semi-professional team in Dallas. In my first season as a professional, I suffered a near career ending injury. A collision with a teammate caused me to dislocate my knee and it almost put me out of the game for good. Since I wasn’t making much money, I was forced to rehabilitate myself. I started to study kinesiology, and physical therapy techniques to help my leg recover because I refused to accept that my career was over. Over the long two-year process, I created intense training regimens based on exercise programs that I read about or learned. I got a job at a gym, so I could have a free membership and unlimited gym access. As I trained to get back healthy enough to play again, my faith grew stronger. I started to read healing scriptures and meditate on the word of God daily. I began to find scriptures about speed, strength, and wisdom and post them all over my door. I could tell I was getting stronger. Over the next 10 months, my body would change from a 135lb frame to a 175lb frame. I even was asked to train people inside the gym. This caught the eye of the fitness manager and he recommended that I pursue a career in personal training. I never thought of it. Who knew you could get paid to tell other people how to work out? After a year of studying on my own, I received my first personal training certification. I decided that basketball was not the career for me and I moved back to Pasadena, CA to pursue my fitness career. Over the next few years, I would create the concept Faster Stronger Wiser. This concept was based on my change from a 135lb hot tempered young boy to a 185lb wiser man. I struggled my first year as a trainer because I had not yet organized my methods and theories. It wasn’t until 2012 when me and my client turned good friend ran our first Spartan Race together, and I realized my passion was in pushing myself beyond my limits. After that first race, I went to complete 7 more races, and competed in the American Ninja Warrior Season 7. I rekindled my love for boxing and became an instructor at a local boxing gym. I also developed a program based on years of self-tested rep systems, client tested rep systems, and my personal fitness theories. I incorporated workouts that helped me develop my athletic ability into the program, and my knowledge as a trainer promoted the development of all the attributes needed to have the body of a super hero.

Personal Training with Glenn Payne Jr. 

I am a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and a certified Group Exercise Instructor through AFAA (The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). In 2018 I became a Master Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. This is a honor that is given to a trainer after you service over 2,501 sessions.

In my 8 year career as a trainer I have acquired additional certifications ranging from indoor cycling to Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning to ensure that I have all of the necessary skill sets to give my clients the best workout possible.

These certifications have also led to me to create better fitness classes that have help thousands of people to push themselves to be better than their best. My experience as a trainer also led to the creation of my fitness movie The Hero Maker.

Glenn Payne the Actor

I love movies. Especially action movies. My goal as an actor was to headline a Marvel movie, or at least be featured in one. I would love to play the character Bishop from X-Men. Not only do I resemble the character, but I have the athleticism to perform all the stunts myself. After finding my passion for performing in front of large crowds through fitness I decided to take on acting. Acting is a challenge that requires memorization skills and the ability to embody characters by channeling emotions within yourself that you never knew you could. Acting helped me to memorize routines better and it made me a better coach for my clients. 

Glenn Payne the Athlete

I have been a long time basketball player. I have played high school, college and semi professional basketball. Right now my passion is obstacle course racing, and my new quest is to reach the Spartan Pro Team. I have 9 races under my belt and its time to added more medals to my collection.