Becoming A Master Trainer by Glenn Payne Jr.
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Becoming A Master Trainer by Glenn Payne Jr.

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The purpose of this book is to teach anyone who is pursuing a career as a personal trainer/fitness trainer how to become a master trainer. This book goes over the methods I used to achieve this rank based on experiences from my career.

What is a Master Trainer?
When I think of a master trainer, I think of an old Kung Fu Master sitting atop a mountain with long gray dreads, a long beard and a lot of weights around him. This is probably because my favorite movie is "The Last Dragon" (look it up if you don’t know what it is.

Now in reality a Master trainer varies from company to company. At 24 Hour Fitness its sessions serviced. For most fitness certification providers, such as NASM and NCCPT, there is a long selection process filled with hours of workshops. In this book I'm going to go over what a true master trainer is according to the fitness world. These statements are subjective, but they were the basis behind the ideals that will be taught in this book.

The 6 Key Points to Becoming a Master Trainer

There are 6 key points to becoming a master trainer. The key points all have 6 sub points to support the main point. All of these points are methods to set you on path to becoming a Master trainer.
Before we begin let’s break down the word “master”. The word master is defined as "having or showing very great skill or proficiency." To be a master trainer in the fitness world you must have great skill in all four areas of fitness training:

  • Personal Training (one on one)
    • Partner Training (2 people)
    • Small Group (3-5 people)
    • Group Exercise (fitness classes)

Once you have master all of these elements of training you will not only be a master trainer, but you will be ready to take your career to the next level. Now if you don’t want to master all four areas that’s ok, you can be very successful as a specialist in one of the areas, but to become a master, according to me, you should master all the areas.

Master is an acronym;

M= Master the Mindset
A= Accommodate the Ages
S= Strengthen the World
T= Teach The Teachers
E= Expand Yourself
R= Respect the Process

This book will go over each key point in the word Master and break it down.