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Cycle Hero by Glenn Payne Jr.

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This 10-day workout focuses on developing strength and coordination and gives you a new look at cycling workouts.


The exercises featured in this workout program are intense, so consult your physician before joining any fitness class or workout hosted by Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness and Glenn Payne Jr. 
Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness and Glenn Payne Jr are not responsible for any injuries, sickness, or death from participating in this workout program.

Cycle Strength, aka. Cycle Hero

The cycle hero exercises do not use reps. Everything is timed to maximize the workout without worrying about counting every repetition. Rest breaks are included in the routine, and the goal is to keep moving the entire time.
Why add weight to the bike?
Cycling workouts have been primarily used for cardiovascular training, and traditional weight training was usually reserved for post-cardio routines. When I first became a cycling instructor in 2016, I wanted to find a way to make cycling classes more exciting. I played around with the different methods, from tossing medicine balls to jump intervals to splitting half of the course into teams and making them compete in speed drills. One day, I was practicing for class and thought, what if you lifted some dumbbells while working on the bike? I decided to grab some dumbbells, and I started performing bicep curls on the bike. In 1 minute, I realized I had worked harder than I would have if I had done the two exercises separately. I immediately came up with a routine and added it to my class. Over the next few years, the combo of weights on the bike became a hit with my students, and to this day, cycling has become one of my most popular classes. The most popular review I would get from this type of workout was that it saved time in the gym because it gave people their cardio and strength workout in under an hour. Many of my members lost weight and developed new types of strength using this workout style; some referred to it as a superhero workout on the bike. That's where the name Cycle Hero came from.

Is the workout safe?

That is one question I received from skeptics when introducing this workout to them, and the answer is yes. When you use weights on the bike, the goal is to go light to ensure you can maintain a comfortable position on the bike as you exercise. You get muscle-building benefits from the amount of time spent on each exercise. Finally, because your legs constantly move, you must maintain good posture to stay balanced on the bike. All these elements combined into one routine make the workout more effective than traditional routines.