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Faster Stronger Wiser Training: Challenge Yourself to better than your Best! by Glenn Payne Jr.

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This book is a compilation of books that I wrote as I progressed as a personal trainer. This book was written to help personal trainers progress in their careers by providing strategies to help create workout programs and operate as trainers. The theories in this book are based on my personal experiences as a trainer, and the scenarios have led to my success in the fitness world. I hope this book can serve as a tool to help personal trainers excel and reach the rank of Master Trainer.

This book contains four books as well as additional insights and business tips. All books can be ordered individually if you want to focus on just those areas of what Faster Stronger Wiser Training represents.

Embark on a unique literary journey with this revolutionary pay model designed to provide flexibility and empower readers to choose how they engage with "Faster Stronger Wiser." I believe in making knowledge accessible to all. I've crafted a system that allows you to enjoy the book for free on YouTube or actively support Faster Stronger Wiser by downloading a virtual copy.

  1. Free Access on YouTube:

Experience the essence of all Faster Stronger Wiser books without any financial commitment. Dive into the world of wisdom and insights by watching the entire book on the Faster Stronger Wiser YouTube channel at your convenience. I want everyone to have the opportunity to access valuable knowledge, and my commitment to this principle is reflected in this free-to-view option.

  1. Support Financially by Downloading a Virtual Copy:

For those who appreciate the work and wish to contribute to the continued creation of meaningful content, I offer the option to download a virtual copy of all Faster Stronger Wiser books for $10. This model allows you to support me as an author actively, the Faster Stronger Wiser initiative, and the creation of future impactful content.

How It Works:

  • Visit the official Faster Stronger Wiser YouTube channel to watch video versions of all the books for free.
  • If you resonate with the content and wish to support the initiative financially, download a virtual copy of the book.

Thank you in advance, and I hope the Faster Stronger Wiser books can help you grow mentally and spiritually.