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Faster Stronger Wiser Training: Challenge Yourself to better than your Best!

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This book is a compilation of books that I wrote as I progressed as a personal trainer. This book was written to help personal trainers progress in their careers by providing strategies to help create workout programs and operate as trainers. The theories in this book are based on my personal experiences as a trainer, and the scenarios have led to my success in the fitness world. I hope this book can serve as a tool to help personal trainers excel and reach the rank of Master Trainer.

This book contains four books as well as additional insights and business tips. All books can be ordered individually if you want to focus on just those areas of what Faster Stronger Wiser Training represents.

Book #1: The Shortcut to Strong
The shortcut to strong is a collection of theories that I have tested out on myself and my clients to find a faster way to obtain strength. These theories led to great results for my clients and me, and after years of using them, I decided to write these theories down and share them with the world.


Book #2: The Hectic Hundreds
The Hectic Hundreds is a rep system that I developed to take my clients through every training phase in 4 weeks. The rep system is designed to increase strength, power, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular health. There are four methods to the Hectic Hundreds program, and when they are followed correctly, this program can lead to physical transformations, strength gains, and overall improved fitness.

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Book #3: Pitch Your Program
This book goes over some strategies that I used to pitch personal training programs to my clients over the years. These programs use stories to paint a successful picture that will give a potential fitness client a snapshot of what they could achieve by hiring you as their trainer. This book gives you examples of pitching a program and tips on creating a personal training program.

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Book #4: Becoming A Master Trainer
Becoming a Master Trainer is a process. You can’t buy a certification that says master trainer or obtain multiple degrees. A master trainer is created by time and experience. This book takes you to shows you how to get the mindset of a master trainer based on my personal experience in the fitness world. Most of these lessons were taught to me by trainers who were much older and more experienced than me. This book is my interpretation of those lessons and how I applied them to my career.

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I hope this book can help any new trainer or existing trainer hone their skills as a fitness professional. The world needs fitness more than ever, and fitness is evolving, and more concepts are emerging every day that can help the industry progress to new heights. My goal is for Faster Stronger Wiser to a mantra that can lead to a lifestyle that can change lives through fitness.

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