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Lead From the Front (eBook) by Glenn Payne Jr.

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What will you get out of reading this book?

The purpose of this book is to help you develop into a great leader by applying methods that allow you to lead with integrity and honor. These methods can be used in the workplace, sports, or at home with your family.

What is leading from the front?

Leading from the front is when you do what you say instead of just telling others to do what you say. I placed five methods to help you lead from the front in this book. It's a short but compelling read.

In 2016, I accepted my first role as a fitness manager. A fitness manager is the head of the personal training department. The fitness manager teaches personal trainers how to build and manage their businesses. These duties range from teaching trainers how to conduct sessions, sell packages, retain clients, and conduct themselves with integrity as fitness professionals. As a leader, I cannot tell my trainers to do something that I haven't done myself. I cannot require them to reach levels that I haven't gone to before. When you lead from the front, you encounter all obstacles first, and you learn how to navigate them over them or through them. This book contains methods that will help you lead from the front, and if you are not a leader, these methods will help you become a leader. These are the methods that have worked for me as a leader, and they have led me to success in my job, sports, and family life.

Don't read this book only once. Reference it every few weeks to ensure you are sharpening up your leadership skills. In the "each one, teach one method," so share these methods with all of your subordinates because every time you teach them, you refresh the knowledge in your memory.