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Lean Out Your Life (eBook) by Glenn Payne Jr.

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This book will show how to become lean in all three areas of your life. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

Becoming lean is the process of thinning out or eliminating excess from your life. The leaner you are in life physically, mentally and spiritually the easier it is to reach your goals. In a physical sense, being leaner allows you to run faster, and jump higher. In a mental sense, a leaner mind allows you to focus better, and complete more tasks. In a spiritual sense, a leaner spirit allows you to experience more peace in your life. In order to be lean, you must cut excess weight from your life.  Any excess in your life can be considered clutter.

Before you begin reading this book ask yourself these three questions:

Am I on track to reach my goals in life?

Why haven’t I reached my goals yet?

What is stopping me from reaching these goals?


All these questions will be answered in this book.