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Motivated Mindset by Glenn Payne Jr.

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Can you train yourself to be motivated?

The answer, yes. Motivation can be developed through consistent practice. This book was a work in progress for over ten years. It started as a journal of thoughts and progressed into a guidebook to help you develop your mindset in a way that will allow you to overcome any challenge. This book is designed to be read in sections so that each unit can be absorbed entirely and used to maximize your mental potential.

What is a motivated mindset?

A motivated mindset is the state of mind needed to challenge yourself to be better than your best. Self-motivation is the key to breaking barriers in your life, and developing a mindset that promotes self-motivation is the start of a prosperous life.
How does this book build a motivated mindset? In the eight-week program that you will be putting yourself through, you will be asked a series of questions with spaces to write out your answers.

You will have to think deeply about topics like your future, letting go of your past, and how to lean out your life. IN practicing this thought process and the actual physical practice of writing out your thoughts, you will see how this mental fitness program prepares you mentally for anything.
This book contains four books that connect to deliver the message. You can dig deeper into each one of these books individually before you read the entire book.

Book #1: Lean Out Your Life
This book will show how to become lean in all three areas of your life. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.
Becoming lean is the process of thinning out or eliminating excess from your life. The leaner you are physically, mentally, and spiritually the easier it is to reach your goals. In a physical sense, being leaner allows you to run faster and jump higher. In a mental sense, a leaner mind allows you to focus better and complete more tasks. In a spiritual sense, a leaner spirit allows you to experience more peace in your life. To be lean, you must cut excess weight from your life.  Any excess in your life can be considered clutter.

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Book #2: Lead From the Front

What will you get out of reading this book?
The purpose of this book is to help you develop into a great leader by applying methods that allow you to lead with integrity and honor. These methods can be used in the workplace, sports, or at home with your family.

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Book #3: Develop A new World For Yourself
The purpose of this book is to illustrate how you can develop a new life for yourself by using your dreams as a blueprint and eliminating the fear of failure from your life. I use examples from my life to illustrate the critical points of this book. Feel free to utilize these concepts in your daily life, and I hope this book helps you develop a new world for yourself.

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Book #4: Realizations of a King

Realizations of a King is a series of notes that I wrote to describe how I felt about specific topics from relationships, haters, success, and more. The title realizations of a king describe a King's mindset, how I think a king should operate in life, and how a king should handle the scenarios that life throws at us.

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