Motivated Mindset by Glenn Payne Jr.
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Motivated Mindset by Glenn Payne Jr.

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Motivated Mindset is a motivational book compiled of personal notes that I wrote to motivated myself, and anyone who reads them. The notes cover topics such as overcoming failure, preparing for success, and how to obtain wisdom. This book was written over the course of 8 years. I started writing this book in 2012 after I decided to leave my basketball career behind, and pursue a career as a personal trainer. This decision was tough, but necessary for the progress of my life. In those years I learned how to fight my internal demons, and use the lessons learned from those internal struggles to inspire my fitness clients. My clients also taught me lessons that helped me to make better decisions, and it eventually propelled me into a successful fitness career. This book is based on my personal thoughts and opinions about life based on my personal experiences.

This book is designed to inspire any and everyone who reads it.

What is a motivated mindset? A motivated mindset is the state of mind needed to challenge yourself to be better than your best. Self-motivation is the key to breaking barriers in your life and developing a mindset that promotes self-motivation is the start to a prosperous life. This book is full of stories that are inspired by my experiences in the gym, on the court and in life. The goal of this book is to inspire you to challenge yourself to be better than your best,physically, mentally and spiritually.

“It's not about changing the race; it's about changing the pace. Life may be a marathon, but you can choose whether you want to jog or sprint.”

Glenn Payne Jr.