Pitch Your Program! A Guide to Effectively Pitch Personal Training Programs by Glenn Payne Jr.
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Pitch Your Program! A Guide to Effectively Pitch Personal Training Programs by Glenn Payne Jr.

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This book goes over techniques on how to pitch personal training to potential clients.
All personal trainers who make a living getting people in shape operate by one measurement of fitness currency.
Sessions serviced.
Sessions serviced are the number of hours or blocks of time a person purchases from you to help them get into shape. At a gym, session are sold in packages and promoted as programs. The problem with this process is that programming becomes secondary to purchasing sessions, and the quality of the program usually relies on the amount of sessions a person purchase.
I did the same thing as a personal trainer, and I unknowingly would give certain clients more attention than others because they purchased more sessions. One day I looked back at the progress of my clients. I looked at the ones who were in great shape, and the ones who got some results but not the amazing results as my more consistent clients. I began to dissect my process and I realized that I was subconsciously discriminating against clients who didn't buy huge session packages. This realization made me understand that I was training for the wrong reason. Money. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to see people get in shape and meet their goals, but with the stipulation that they invested in more hours with me. Over time I would get burnt out by training too many people and this caused me to fall out of love with personal training. I took a one-year break and returned after the requests of some old clients that needed me. I knew I didn't want to dedicate a lot of hours to training everyone, so I focused on designing their programs with so much detail that they wouldn't need to spend hours with me to get the result they wanted.

This proved to be more valuable to my clients than the personal time with me and allowed me to double my cost per session because they knew they would be getting 3 hours’ worth of training with one hour of my time. I figured out the reason why I wasn't as successful as a trainer early on in my personal training career. I was selling sessions and not pitching programs.