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The Hectic Hundreds: Basketball Strength Program

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Basketball is like a martial art.

Basketball is a sport that combines speed, agility, intelligence, and willpower in one game. After over 20 years of playing the sport on all levels, I've realized that basketball helps develop all of the attributes used in martial arts, and by perfecting the elements of basketball, shooting, dribbling, and passing, you will develop muscles that can be applied to all sports and fighting styles. Now, to fully grasp the game of basketball, you have to play it. Practicing the sport is as simple as finding a hoop and a ball to shoot. The game's beauty is that you can play by yourself, with one other person or nine other people.

My fitness routines always have an element of basketball training in them, and this routine is just the product of my practice over the last 20 years. Basketball has saved my life and was the gateway to my career in the fitness industry. I continue to play to this day and will never stop playing the game as long as my body can handle it.

This program focuses on the basic mechanics of basketball because to truly master the game, you have to play it. This routine will ensure a solid foundation to work with once you enter the court.