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The Hectic Hundreds by Glenn Payne Jr.

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Are you becoming stagnant in your workout? Are you bored with your routine, but do not want to change the exercises you love to do? Have you hit a plateau in your workout?

 These are the questions that most gym addicts ask themselves when they workout. This book was written to answer those questions. As an 8-year veteran personal trainer that has trained thousands of sessions I have come across three rep system that you can use to shake up your old routine, or ad to a new one. These rep systems also help answer the questions of everyone new to their fitness journey who wonder; how many reps do I need to do to get stronger? How many sets do I do? When do I increase the weight? and What weight should I start with? This book is also useful for new personal trainers who have these same questions and want to change up their program to retain or gain more clients. Anyone can benefit from the information in this book whether you are dedicated gym soldier, a personal trainer, or someone who is starting their fitness journey, and needs a starting point. It's a quick read, but I recommend reading it a few times to imprint the information into your mind.

Before you begin you should understand that this book is designed to give a guideline on how to work out. This guideline does not discredit any other workout system you are using at the moment but serves as an alternative to the great work you are already doing in the gym. This book is for all fitness levels. It doesn't matter if you have never worked out before in your life or you are an advanced athlete looking to shake up your routine. This book is not a
workout book. It's a guide to add variety to your existing routines to get better results from them.

*Personal Trainers*
These methods will make your job 10 times easier. For new trainers you can apply these methods to all your clients, if you are a seasoned veteran you can use these techniques to shake up your client's already effective routines.Enjoy the book.

Thank you in advance for buying this book, and I wish you nothing but success in your fitness journey.