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Treadmill Strength by Glenn Payne Jr.

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What is Treadmill Strength?
The treadmill is usually used for cardio training. Treadmill strength incorporates dumbbells and calisthenics into a treadmill routine to help you develop strength across your entire body rather than just improving your cardiovascular endurance. I created this routine ten years ago while experimenting with different treadmill workouts. The original version of this routine never included weights, but as I gained more wisdom as a fitness professional, I realized that I would need to add weights to make the workout more effective. After testing routines on myself and numerous personal training clients, I found a solid routine that works.
The exercises used in this routine have varying difficulties and will test your body differently. All exercises are timed with rest times incorporated into the workout.

Safety Tips
Proceed with caution in this routine. There will be exercises in this routine that involve walking backward and workouts where you walk on the treadmill with your hands. When walking backward, ensure the treadmill is set at a controllable speed that will allow you to turn around without falling. If you have long hair, ensure it is tucked in so it doesn't get caught in the treadmill.
Over time your coordination will improve, and this routine will be more straightforward. Ensure you start at a low speed to maintain a 1:0:1 tempo during the combo workouts.