BFH Workout #13: Wilt Chamberlain

BFH Workout #13: Wilt Chamberlain


Wilt Chamberlain, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on August 21, 1936, was among the most dominant and iconic basketball players in N.B.A. history. Standing 7 feet 1 inch tall, Chamberlain's imposing presence on the court was matched by his extraordinary skills.


Chamberlain achieved numerous records and accolades, including being the only player to score 100 points in a single game in 1962. He was a seven-time scoring champion, 11-time rebounding champion, and a four-time Most Valuable Player (M.V.P.).


Wilt also led the Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Lakers to two N.B.A. championships.

Off the court, Chamberlain was known for his charismatic personality and diverse interests, ranging from basketball to track and field, volleyball, and even professional wrestling. Despite his on-court dominance, he faced criticism for not winning more championships.

Wilt Chamberlain retired in 1973 and later pursued business ventures and acting.


He passed away on October 12, 1999, leaving a legacy as one of basketball's greatest players and a true sports icon.



The Mr. 100 Workout

100 Push Ups

100 Pull Ups

100 Squats

100 Box Jumps

3 Mile Run

Record your completion time.


Exercise List

Push Ups

Start on the floor prone with your hands by your chest. Push your hands into the ground and push your body off the ground.

Keep your feet hip-width apart.

Pull Ups

Start with your hands shoulder-width apart on a pull-up bar. Hang your legs off the ground, pull your chest to the bar, and lower yourself to the starting point.


Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes turned slightly outward. Keep your arms in a neutral position and sit down as if there was a stool behind you. Keep your chest up and your eyes straight.

Box Jumps

Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart in front of a plyo box. Swing your arms down, bend your knees, and jump onto the plyo box. Land softly by bending your knees as you land. Step back down to restart the exercise.

3 Mile Run

Start on a treadmill at a comfortable speed. Run until you get to 3 miles.