What is Faster Stronger Wiser?

Faster Stronger Wiser is a concept that I came up with to describe my style of fitness training. I always strive to be better than I was the day before, and that applies to my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The term Faster Stronger Wiser originates from the order in how my body developed. I was always fast, but not strong. When I developed my strength I didn’t know how to use it so as a result I had to acquire wisdom. This concept was applied to all of my training routines, and the routines created for my clients. Faster Stronger Wiser Fitness now represents challenging yourself to be better than your best. 

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The Black Panther Workout

The Black Panther Workout

  This routine was inspired by workouts that I used in my fitness class. I am also a HUGE Black Panther fan.The Black Panther Workout is a routine...
5x5x5 Workout #3: Biceps and Shoulders Blast

5x5x5 Workout #3: Biceps and Shoulders Blast

This workout is a 3 part routine. It has 3 different routines that combine into one big workout. This routine can be done in the gym, or at home. E...
5x5x5 Workout #2: Body Weight Blast 2

The 5x5x5 Workout #2: Bodyweight Blast 2 (Plyos)

The 5x5x5 Workout #2: Bodyweight Blast 2 (Plyos) 5x5x5: Body Weight Blast 2 (Plyometrics)🖐5 exercises🖐5 reps🖐5 setsGet your cardio up with routine....

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