What is Faster Stronger Wiser?

Faster Stronger Wiser is a concept created by certified personal trainer Glenn Payne Jr. Faster Stronger Wiser is a brand that uses fitness as a tool to inspire people to do more in their daily lives. The motivational books and videos are resources to promote this concept. 

The Mission

The Faster Stronger Wiser mission is to challenge everyone to be better than their best physically, mentally and spiritually. 

1. Physically- You can always be a step faster, you can always be much stronger, and you can always lean new workouts to make you wiser in the gym.

2. Mentally- You can learn things faster, you can always become a stronger thinker, and the more knowledge you gain the more wisdom you have.

3. Spiritually- Move fast to find your faith, grow stronger in your beliefs, and always be wise with how you manage your spirit. 

FSW Library

Blog posts

Pick 5 Master 5 Challenge #1: Body Weight Blast

How long will it take you to get to 5000 reps?
FSW AGOGE WORKOUT #3: Unstable Power

FSW AGOGE WORKOUT #3: Unstable Power

Spartans must have the perfect balance of stability and strength. This workout combines the strength and power of regular push ups, but adds a stab...
The Pick 5 Master 5 Challenge

The Pick 5 Master 5 Challenge

The Pick 5 Master 5 Challenge was inspired by the 2-list system created by Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet is financially one of the most successful...

Creed 3 "Legacy"

Creed 3 (Story Concept)

Creed 3 (Story Concept)

Rocky Balboa's demons come back to haunt him once again. This time will Adonis be strong enough to take on the best opponent he's ever faced? Can Adonis Creed finally solidify his legacy as one of the best fighters, and live up to his father's name? Or will this be the fight that finally breaks him?

Glenn Payne Jr (Owner/Creator)

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