What is Faster Stronger Wiser?

Faster Stronger Wiser is a concept created by Master Trainer Glenn Payne Jr. Faster Stronger Wiser is a brand that uses fitness as a tool to inspire people to do more in their daily lives.

Mission Statement

To challenge everyone to be better than their best physically, mentally and spiritually. 

FSW 30 Minute Virtual Fitness Class by Glenn Payne Jr.

FSW 30 Virtual Fitness Class

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FSW Films

Apollo Creed vs Clubber Lang: Who Would've Won?

Apollo Creed vs Clubber Lang: Who Would've Won?

Who would've won a fight between Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang?
Creed 3 by Glenn Payne Jr. (Adonis Creed vs Gideon Lang)

Creed 3 (Story Concept)

Rocky Balboa's demons come back to haunt him once again. This time will Adonis be strong enough to take on the best opponent he's ever faced? Can Adonis Creed finally solidify his legacy as one of the best fighters, and live up to his father's name? Or will this be the fight that finally breaks him?

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