BFH Workout #52: Craig Monson

BFH Workout #52: Craig Monson


One of the biggest, strongest bodybuilders of the 1980's that you probably never heard of. Known as a mass-monster during the "Classic Physique" era, Monson was an unheard of 272-pounds of chiseled granite during competition at a time when a 230-pound bodybuilder was considered large.

 Once the leader and creator of a gang called the Avenues on the Eastside of South-Central Los Angeles, Monson would eventually turn his life around and become an International Amateur Bodybuilding Superstar.

 The Monster Muscle Workout

20 Minute AMRAP

10 Alternating Bench Presses

25 Bench Presses

25 Bicep Curls

25 Barbell Rows

10 Dumbbell Gorilla Rows (each hand)



Exercise List

Alternating Barbell Bench Press

Start on the bench with the barbell above your upper chest. Grab the bar and position your hands two thumb lengths away from the sides of your chest. Lift the barbell off the rack and lower one side to the side of your chest. Repeat on the opposite side.

Barbell Bench Press

Lie down on a flat bench with your back fully pressed against it. Position your feet firmly on the ground, about shoulder-width apart. Grip the barbell slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with your palms facing away. Lift the barbell off the rack and hold it directly above your chest with extended arms. Ensure that your wrists are straight and aligned with your forearms. Inhale and slowly lower the barbell towards your chest in a controlled manner. Keep your elbows at about a 45-degree angle to your body. Aim to lower the bar until it lightly touches your chest or hovers above it, depending on your flexibility and comfort level. Exhale and push the barbell to the starting position by extending your arms and contracting your chest muscles. Keep your back flat on the bench throughout the movement and avoid arching excessively. Once you've completed your set, carefully rack the barbell back onto the rack. Ensure it's secure before releasing your grip.

Barbell Bicep Curls

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a barbell with an underhand grip (palms facing up) slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Let the barbell hang at arm's length in front of your thighs, with your arms extended and elbows close to your body. Keeping your upper arms stationary, exhale as you curl the barbell upward towards your shoulders, contracting your biceps. Keep your wrists straight throughout the movement. Once the barbell is near your shoulders and your biceps are fully contracted, hold the position briefly and squeeze your biceps at the top of the movement. Inhale as you slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position, maintaining control over the movement.

Barbell Rows

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and the barbell on the floor before you. Bend at your hips and knees to lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and your core engaged throughout the movement. Reach down and grasp the barbell with an overhand grip (palms facing down) slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be fully extended, and your back should be flat. Brace your core and pull the barbell towards your lower chest, leading with your elbows. Keep your elbows close to your body and squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement to engage your back muscles fully.

Dumbbell Gorilla Rows

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip (palms facing your body).

Bend your knees slightly and hinge at your hips to lean forward, keeping your back straight and chest up. Your torso should be almost parallel to the ground.

Let the dumbbells hang straight down towards the floor, arms fully extended.