Hectic Hundreds Rep System 2: The Hectic Hundreds Double Trouble

This rep system lets you combine high and low repetitions to create a workout that builds strength and power without spending hours in the gym.

This was one of my go-to systems in 30-minute sessions because we got to push through 4 to 5 exercises fast while using a decent amount of weight.

This rep system is also suitable for transitioning to higher weights in the middle of a routine since the reps are lower in the last few sets.

This rep system consists of 8 sets, with the reps dropping by five after every two sets. The tempo used for this rep system will be a 1:2:1 cadence.

The 2-second pause in the middle will allow more strength and stability to develop throughout the exercise.

The Hectic Hundreds: Double Trouble

Set 1: 20 Reps

Set 2: 20 Reps

Set 3: 15 Reps

Set 4: 15 Reps

Set 5: 10 Reps

Set 6: 10 Reps

Set 7: 5 Reps

Set 8: 5 Reps

Tempo: 1:2:1

Note: This routine uses exercises that are timed and not rep based.

All the timed exercises will be placed after the rep-based exercises to ensure the routine flows smoothly.

Key Factors to Using this rep system.

Don't set your weight too heavy, but don't cheat yourself. Aim for speed. This is a descending pyramid. The faster you get through the reps, the quicker you get it done.

Don't sacrifice your form for speed; adjust your rest time between sets.

*Personal Trainers*

Ensure you are monitoring the weight of your clients and keep count. Your client will notice if they did three sets of 15, and they will argue with you, so stay focused. These sets can get away from you if you don’t pay attention.