Key Point #2: Accommodate the Ages

Continue learning new ways to train to prepare for every age group. As a master trainer, you will encounter fitness clients of all ages. Make sure you have a workout ready for them all.

  • Mindful Age
  • Assuring
  • Separate the Crowd
  • Tailor the routine
  • Ensure completion.
  • Re-inspire the generations.

Mindful: understand that your older clients may be unable to do much, but they aren't dead.

Push them, but not past their limits. On the other hand, younger clients challenge them to reach heights they never thought they could. Make sure you are doing things safely, though. You don't want someone to die on you to give you a hard workout.

Age assuring: Make sure your advanced-age clients understand they can do more than they think, and they can start to turn back the clock a bit.

With your younger clients, stress the importance of patience on the journey. Don't let them hurt themselves trying to move too fast.

Separate the crowd: Don't do the same workout with all age groups.

Make sure you create routines that can be applied to everyone but have levels to accommodate everyone. For example, if you do a squat and push-up test, ensure you have modifications. Nothing is worse than a trainer telling an 80-year-old lady to get out her walker and drop to the ground for push-ups.

Tailor the routine: After you separate the crowd.

Tailor your routines to suit each client's needs. Tailor the workouts to fit the needs of your demographic. Just because you love burpees, and the bench press doesn't mean your clients will.

Ensure completion: Make sure your clients finish their program.

Now you can't control everything, but you can control how and when a client's plan will end for the most part. Make sure they get to their goals. If a person wants to lose 20 lbs, but is only on track for 10 lbs, help them push through to those 10 lbs. Never let your clients quit.

Re-inspire the generations: We are in an age where technology is taking over.

As master fitness trainers, we must re-inspire the new generation to get out to the gym or be active. This is more than only social media promotion or asking people to train with you. Brand yourself at all times. Wear shirts that say master trainer or something similar. Make yourself a walking billboard for fitness, so you can constantly remember to get in the gym.