Key Point #3: Strengthen the World

Our goal as personal trainers is to make the weak strong. Since we are in an uphill battle against obesity, we must make strengthening the world our goal.

  • Make em work.
  • Add resistance.
  • Stay Aggressive
  • Tune out the hurt.
  • Enter the next phase.
  • Reap the benefits.

Make em work: Don't fear getting people out of their comfort zone.

Your job is to get people tired. If they can't do something, your job is to make sure you show them they can.

Add resistance: To grow stronger, you must add more resistance.

This isn't just a weight room concept; it's a life concept. Your clients will not improve unless you add resistance to their workouts, minds, and spirits. Challenge them to lift more weight to make them physically stronger. Challenge them to work out earlier to make them mentally stronger and challenge them to declare success over themselves to make them spiritually stronger.

Stay aggressive: Aggressive doesn't mean being mean; it just means you work hard to get your clients to their goals.

As a group exercise instructor with people before you, attack the workouts as hard as possible. Remember, you're the mirror for your clients; they will make a change if they don't like what they see. That change usually means replacing the mirror.

Tune out the hurt: Tuning out the hurt doesn't mean ignoring an ailment or apparent injury.

Tuning out the hurt means getting your clients to overcome what is hurting their progress. This "hurt" could be an unsupportive spouse, an early timeslot, or any excuse for them finishing their fitness journey with you. There is a lot of noise in the world; as a master trainer, you must be the one to cancel it all out for your clients.

Enter the next phase: Training has phases.

If your clients never progress from phase to phase, you will have difficulty becoming a master trainer. Your job is to get your clients to their goals, so it's time to adjust if they aren't progressing. If you have been a trainer for a while, you have overheard people discredit trainers because their clients never make a change. You do not want to be that trainer. Even if the change is not physical, it should be mental or spiritual. Every client who trains with you should feel like they have progressed from one phase to another. Your job as a master trainer is to ensure this progression happens.

Reap the benefits: Once you have successfully strengthened your clients, reap the benefit of your hard work.

Remember, you aren't gloating or celebrating someone else's success. Your success as a master trainer is based on your ability to help people reach their goals physically. Reaping the benefits of hard work involves getting paid for your craft, so don't sell yourself cheap.