Key Point #6: Respect the Process

The final key point for becoming a master trainer is to respect the process. This is the process you must respect to become a master trainer. Becoming a master trainer is a journey, and every journey has a goal to complete. If you respect the process as a trainer, you will be en route to becoming a master trainer.

  • Monitor your progress.
  • Ask questions Stay motivated.
  • Take your time.
  • Expect failure.
  • Rise above all obstacles

Monitor your progress: Always see where your business is at.

Always know where your clients are at in their fitness journey. Monitor how often people train to understand how well your business is doing. Keep detailed statistics on your clients so you can always watch them. If you always know where you are in your fitness business, you won't be surprised by the success.

Ask questions: This small tip will make learning from your peers, subordinates, and clients easier.

Ask questions. Ask how the session went for the client. You may find out tips to help you enhance your session quality. Ask how your class members enjoyed the class; you may find the information needed to improve your class. Ask other master trainers what it takes to be where they are, and your journey to becoming a master trainer will become much easier.

Stay motivated: Keep your eyes on the prize.

I quit being a personal trainer twice because I lost the drive, patience, and will to be a trainer. Even though I quit, I motivated myself to start over again and prevailed. Once I was promoted to fitness manager and received my 2500-session serviced patch to symbolize that I was a master trainer, I was more motivated than ever to continue my career as a fitness professional.

Take your Time: Becoming a Master trainer is a process that can't be rushed.

Take your time to educate yourself correctly to be on the right track to becoming a master trainer. Don't cut corners; work hard to become a master trainer the right way, not the fast way.

Expect failure: You will lose clients, you will have bad sessions, and you may quit being a personal trainer.

Don't worry; I quit twice. These are the expected outcomes when it applies to the career of a personal trainer. Private Training always looks promising, but the liability and search for a location can be a financial hindrance. In my first year as a personal trainer, I lived off Top Ramen and Kool-Aid, and I got turned down for Training way more than people paid me to train. That didn't deter me from the field; that just motivated me to train harder, learn more, and help more people. I look forward to failure now because failure leads to growth.

Rise above all obstacles: No matter the circumstance, be the best trainer you can be to your clients.

A master trainer is only a master to their students, and the way you become a master is by teaching your students to be the best versions of themselves. I didn't become a master trainer to boast about how good I am at personal Training; I earned the title through years of repeatedly helping people reach their goals. I've had many obstacles, people quitting on me, not paying me, losing jobs, losing clients, gyms shutting down, and no managers to help me, and I rose above them all. As a master trainer, you should be able to rise above all obstacles in your path to reach the rank of a master trainer. The purpose of this is to have the ability to guide your clients around, over, or through the obstacles they face in life.