Pitching the Program

Sales are everything; even if you think you don't want to be a salesperson as a trainer, you have to be. Remember, you can't get a client to train with you unless you sell them Training. To pitch a program, first, you must have a pitch. Pitching a program takes the word "sell" out of the equation, which will psychologically make a potential client feel more comfortable when you try to offer them a program. The best program pitches for fitness are usually story-based because they allow you to take the client to another world in their head. You can incorporate wellness into this world and eventually get the client to "start" their program instead of "buy" Training. I have three pitches for clients that help paint the picture of my workout programs. Feel free to use them as much as possible. Don't worry if it doesn't work on the first try. Practice makes perfect.

The Setup

The setup is your icebreaker and leads to more successful closed deals. A great setup means you can associate a story with the fitness program, allowing your potential client to see the benefit of starting their fitness journey with you.

"The Baking the Cake Set Up"

Starting a workout program is like baking a cake. First, you need the ingredients: milk, flour, eggs, cake mix, and frosting. These ingredients resemble your gym membership, workout clothes, and water bottle. Next, you must set the oven to the right temperature and mix the ingredients. This process is equivalent to getting your gear on and heading to the gym. The next step is the baking process, all the ingredients are placed in the oven, and they start to cook. This process is equivalent to doing daily runs, taking classes, and getting on a workout schedule. Last, you get to decorate the cake. This is the fun part; it's the equivalent of buying new clothes to fit your new body or getting ready to conquer that competition you've been training for.

Now that you see the similarities between baking a cake and starting a workout program, you only need a cake recipe and a good chef. Y

our custom workout program is the recipe, and your trainer is the chef.

That’s the setup.

Once clients hear the setup, they will feel comfortable explaining their goals to you. Most clients who don't have specific fitness goals, such as injury rehab, will have three common goals.

  • Weight loss 
  • Muscle Gain 
  • Get Toned

Set a specific goal before pitching a program for any of these goals. This can be losing weight, gaining 5 pounds of muscle, or running a mile 1 minute faster. Once the specific goal is set now, you can pitch your program.