Step One: Pick 5 Exercises

What exercises should you pick?

Now that I've explained the Pick 5 Master 5 theory, I want to explain how to pick the right five exercises. First, you must understand that getting stronger works better with weighted exercises. Resistance training is the key to strength, so your five exercises should use dumbbells, barbells, resisted cables machines, weighted machines, or any other resistance exercise.

Next, you want to pick five exercises that cover all body areas. For example, you should always select exercises incorporating the chest, back, arm, leg, and ab muscles.

For example, barbell curls, barbell back rows, military presses, barbell squats, and chest presses. You also want to keep the equipment the same. Keeping the same equipment can make your workouts faster by staying in one area. This process makes gym sessions much more efficient.

Keeping the same equipment also helps you develop more well-rounded strength because your body can easily adjust to the equipment.

For example, a dumbbell workout has different benefits than a cable-based one. Both work well, but they have different ways of helping you develop strength due to the design of the equipment.