The Pick 5 Master 5 Theory

This theory was inspired by the 2-list system created by Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet is financially one of the most successful people on the planet. Here is a brief overview of his two-list system.

You write down 25 things you want to achieve in life, circle the top 5, and avoid the other 20 until the top 5 are finished. I decided to apply that system to my fitness goals. Picking a routine to master is tough for a person who is new to the gym and even more challenging for a person who is a veteran there. Thousands of exercises and workouts can get you to your fitness goal, so picking a set routine is nearly impossible without a trainer doing it for you.

The Pick 5 Master 5 theory involves picking five exercises, setting goals for all five exercises, and mastering them. This process will make it much easier to meet your gym goals and help you reach your dream fitness level. 

The Method to the Madness

I know you are wondering why there are only five exercises. Well, five exercises are easy to focus on and easy to perfect. When you work out with 45 exercises and track your progress on all exercises, you will spend more time doing data entry than Training. Shortening your workout to only five exercises will help you get unbelievable results. You will notice immediate strength gains because you only have a few areas to work on. Take on the mindset of a professional athlete that gets paid millions of dollars to do one thing, such as shooting a basketball, throwing a football, or running 100 meters as fast as possible. That athlete's job is to perfect one thing perfectly: the skill he is getting paid to perform.

The Pick 5 Master 5 theory uses the same concept. Your workout should be driven by one goal. Whatever that goal is, whether it is to bench press 400lbs or run a 5-minute mile is up to you, but you must have a short, simple blueprint to follow to achieve that goal.

You may not be making millions to master bicep curls, but I guarantee you will feel more accomplished knowing that you can walk into the gym, pick up the heaviest weight, and curl it without hesitation.