FSW Class #2: Home Squats & Dumbbells Workout

This workout was created after I extended the time limits on my courses. It is designed to use heavier weights as well as hit rep target.
This routine has 4 Blocks of work that contain reps and timed workouts.
Each block contains five exercises that you repeat for three rounds
You perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds before the next exercise.
Each block has a 1-minute rest in between the rounds.
Equipment Needed:
2 Moderately Heavy Dumbbells
2 Light Dumbbells
A Mat
Tips and Tricks
Increase your weight after completing the workout from start to finish twice. The number of reps completed in the routine will allow you to develop your strength faster.
Workout Breakdown
Block 1:
Bicep Curls
25 Squats
Shoulder Press
25 Squats
Triceps Extensions
Block 2:
Lateral Raise to Forward Raise
25 Squats
Dumbbell Jab/Cross Combo
25 Squats
Wrist Flip Chest Openers
Block 3:
Shoulder Rotations
25 Squats
Plank Arm Raises
25 Squats
Block 4:
Flutter Kicks
25 Squats
Grave Diggers
25 Squats
Toe Touches