Food For Thought Day Five

After watching the video answer the questions below.

1. How would you describe the breath cadence used in this episode to symbolize grace?

2. Why is finding a quiet position and limiting noise significant during the calm after the storm?

3. What are some ways to refortify your mind, control your thoughts, and control your emotions after weathering a storm?

4. How would you define the calm after the storm in your own life? Can you think of any specific examples?

5. What does the speaker mean by "powerful peace" during the calm after the storm?

6. How does the calm after the storm allow you to refocus on your goals?

7. Can you visualize the sign planted in the dirt and the sprout that pops up after the storm? How does this visual represent progress toward your dream?

8. What does it mean to enjoy what you've been through during the calm after the storm? How can this mindset help you move forward?

9. How do you interpret "any progress is good" when pursuing your dreams?

10. How can reflecting on the calm after the storm help you realize your strength and readiness to take on new challenges?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper and save them.


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