Food For Thought Day Ten

Watch the video and answer the questions below.

  1. How should you deliver your dream to the next generation?
  2. What will you deliver to the next generation (skill, knowledge, etc.?
  3. What is your blueprint that you will pass down to the next generation?
  4. Why is teaching others how to plant and grow their dreams so important?
  5. Why is it essential to create a blueprint of your dream?
  6. How does delivering your dream make it stronger and more accurate?
  7. What will happen if you keep your dream bottled up inside?
  8. Why is it important to spread your message and dream to the world?
  9. What methods will you use to go deeper into thought to help you deliver your dream?
  10. How has this series helped you deliver your dream to the world?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper and save them.

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