Comfortable Greatness

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Is it possible to become comfortable with being great? Or is natural to regress from where you are. When is it time to progress to a new level?
We get comfortable too fast. We don’t keep pushing towards our goals after small spurts of success. For example, when you receive a promotion at work do you work more or less? Most people say more, but, you work less. Yes, you have more responsibility but, in most workplaces, you are now a delegator of hard work and not a participant. Delegating is easy but, rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirt is where truly great leaders separate themselves from the people with the title leader. The consistent drive to do more even if it means going back to the basics is how you become greater than your status. We don’t expect greatness. We treat it like something that we should be lucky to experience. Do not assume that because you succeed that you were lucky. Early success means you are being prepped for something bigger and you must learn to make success the new normal. For example, the phrase work until your hardest workout becomes your warm up is the perfect phrase for life. Your new normal should be being great. A bad day should mean that you didn’t do better than you did yesterday. I know you are wondering how you gauge that. Easy. Find a calendar. Write a goal at the top. For example, complete 500 Push Ups in the month of August. Every day write the number of push ups you complete each day. Don’t focus on reps. Just focus on doing more reps than you did the previous day. Every month track your overall progress. As you grow stronger doing push-ups daily will become your new normal. You will also be comfortable with how great you are at doing push-ups. There is one statement that I applied to my life now that helps me to be comfortable with being great;


Make Hard Work Easy!


A hard workout is like a roller coaster ride.
You prep your mind on the climb up.
You fear you are about to die on the way down.
But after its over you are a lot stronger than when you started, and you are excited to do it all over again.

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