Learning to Fly

You crawl before you walk, you walk before you run, you run before you jump, you jump before you fly.

In life, we start our paths crawling. We crawl because we have no purpose. Once we learn the purpose of our lives, that’s when we begin to walk.

When we start walking, we learn that we need to walk in a specific direction. Once we understand what direction to walk in, we run.

We run because we have caught a glimpse of the light at the end of our path, so we run towards it.

As we run towards this light, obstacles are thrown in our way to prevent us from reaching that light. To reach the light, we learn how to jump.

We jump over every obstacle thrown in our way. Some obstacles may require us to jump higher than others, but we can still leap over them.

As we leap over these obstacles, we will see the path from beginning to end, but we still haven’t reached the light ahead.

Do not be discouraged; run to the end of the path and take that leap of faith; that’s when we will learn to fly.