The most challenging opponent you will ever face is staring at you in the mirror daily. He knows all your strengths;

He knows all your weaknesses.

He knows what you love, and he knows what you fear.

You can't escape this opponent because he is in your dreams.

He is in your thoughts He is the one saying you’re too slow or not strong enough.

He is the one that tells you you’re too tired to go on and that you should give up.

Most people think this opponent cannot be defeated; most people are wrong.

You can beat this person if you don't believe in failure.

Failure is nothing but delayed success.

If the only person who can stop you is you, you make sure you always get the best of yourself.

You will look in the mirror daily at that same opponent and tell him that you will succeed no matter what.

If he says I'm tired, I say I can keep going.

If that person says you are too slow, move faster; if they say you’re not strong enough, push harder.

The only way to push your limits is if you have no limits.

Do not just meet your goals; surpass them.

Then there will be no one who can stop you.

Not even yourself.

Read this statement out loud to prepare you for any situation:

I have no weaknesses, just untrained strengths. The areas of my life I do not excel are only opportunities to better myself.