New Year, Same Quest

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At the beginning of each year many people make resolutions. These are the goals and changes they want to achieve for the New Year. These goals are usually forgotten around summertime and put back into effect the following year or completely dismissed. I used to do the same thing, but I realized that there is no reason to set new goals every year. Why not complete the goals you already set for yourself?  Why not continue the quest you started already? In 2010, I said that my life would be a quest to grow Faster, Stronger and Wiser every day. I plan on continuing this quest until the day God tells me it's time to come home. There is no reason to set another goal when you haven't finished the first one. You can't change one aspect of your life if you never experienced changing one before. In this marathon race we call life, there are no shortcuts, and you can't go on to the second lap without running through the first.

Let's not give up on what we started. Let’s not let the new year distract us from what we set out to do. The battles we struggle with last year don't cease just because the calendar date changed. I'm a continue the journey that I started, I'm a use those struggles of the year prior to fuel me through this new year and bring me closer to my goal. And once that goal is reached I'm a make sure I cleared a path large enough for whoever is following me to get through easily. It's not about changing the race; it's about changing the pace. Life may be a marathon, but you can choose whether you want to jog or sprint.

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